Sustainability, Energy & Environment
View towards the mountain lake Strelasee with the Schiahorn in the background.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Sustainable Swiss Mountain tourism

The Davos Klosters Mountains are committed to sustainable developments in construction projects, in our daily work, in the snowmaking process and in our hotels. We want to take responsibility and set a good example. Our sustainability strategy is built on the pillars of economy, society and profitability, with the goal of achieving a more conscious approach regarding the environment and promoting the correct behaviour both internally and externally.

Long-term projects & measures

We have been working on long-term projects towards more sustainable mountain tourism for many years. In collaboration with the "Cleantech Agency Act", we were able to reduce our energy consumption significantly over the last eight years. Specific targets and action measures were defined, which we implemented step by step. Now, we can proudly look back on a large number of completed projects in the field of energy and the environment.

Another important aspect when it comes to sustainability is energy production. We aim to cover more of our energy needs with eco-electricity from renewable resources such as solar and hydropower, which we are able to produce ourselves.  

Solar system on the roof of Hotel Ochsen 2 | © Davos Klosters Mountains

What does sustainability mean?

The term sustainability encompasses the responsible use of the earth's resources, with the aim of achieving a balance between resource creation and consumption. 

The topic of sustainability can be divided into three strategic areas: efficiency, consistency and sufficiency. The Davos Klosters Mountains are committed to doing their part in all three of these areas. In addition to social aspects, the consideration of these three levels is important to move towards a more sustainable future.

Infographic of the sustainability cycle | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Measures & projects

With projects in the fields of energy efficiency, energy production and the environment, we want to reduce our environmental impact. We have implemented different environmental projects in recent years to achieve this goal – in the mountains, in the hotels and also in the culinary establishments.


Energy is needed in all areas, also in the Davos Klosters Mountains. With the help of renewable energy sources such as water and solar power, we can meet a large part of our energy requirements ourselves – and without the use of environmentally harmful substances.


Through projects in the field of energy efficiency, we are creating the basis for using less energy in general. We see this as the most sensible long-term solution to protect and preserve the environment. That’s why we have implemented more than 80 energy-saving projects in the last eight years that help us to greatly reduce the consumption of resources.

Environment and biodiversity

The Davos Klosters Mountains are home to a variety of treasures of nature. The immense diversity of plants and vegetation gives the region its unique charm. What’s more, the mountains are also a habitat for many animal species, such as the ibex or the alpine salamander. For this reason, we work closely with farmers and landowners to conserve and protect this precious environment and the local biodiversity.

Snowmaking and slope preparation

The mountain railways help make the mountains something people can experience – while the slopes are the playground for these experiences. We all want to be able to enjoy the mountains for a long time to come. This requires measures in the area of snowmaking and slope preparation. If we work more sustainably and efficiently, we can save resources.

What can you do?

To make mountain tourism as sustainable as possible, we need everyone's help. Being a good role model is the first step. By sticking to a sustainable lifestyle, we can motivate others to follow suit. We have compiled a few tips that you can easily implement during your stay in Davos Klosters. Have a look!


for our mountain railways and hotels

The requirements of a certificate help us as a company to set targeted goals, and they also motivate us to achieve them. In the area of the mountain railways, we have received the "Reffnet" and "Act" certificates for several years in a row. These agencies work on behalf of the federal government and the public. Plus, our steps towards a more sustainable company future are described in an action plan implemented by our employees.

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