Hiker's paradise
Two hikers enjoy the ridge walk from Jakobshorn to Jatzhorn looking towards the Stadlersee. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Hiking in Davos Klosters

Hiking in Davos Klosters Mountains stands for unique adventures in nature. Winding trails lead you through a picture-book mountain world full of breathtaking scenic views. Burbling mountain streams and a steel-blue mountain lake reflecting the summit you’ll soon conquer. Alpine roses wherever you look, and with a bit of luck you might even catch a glimpse of a marmot. There is a lot to discover! A paradise for all those who love to exercise in fresh mountain air. Ready to escape your everyday stresses?

700 km of signposted hiking trails

The right experience for every taste

Hiking is an activity that many people enjoy, and it doesn’t require any previous experience or specific equipment. We only recommend you wear sturdy footwear. Then the adventure can begin – and you’ll feel closer to nature with every step you take. Whether you’re looking for a challenging tour or you prefer a leisurely walk: Davos Klosters offers the right route for every type of hiker thanks to more than 700 kilometres of signposted hiking trails.


The cable cars quickly take you up to an impressive elevation. From mid-June to mid-October, you can comfortably reach the summits of Jakobshorn, Parsenn/Gotschna, Madrisa and Rinerhorn by mountain railway. In just a few minutes, you’ll be right amidst the Alpine world of the Grisons mountains. And of course, you can bring your dog with you on your adventures in higher altitudes.

Adventurous summiteers who enjoy sports at higher altitudes will find all kinds of challenges in the mountains of Davos Klosters. When the mountains are calling, sporty hikers must go – climb the high and impressive peaks of the region! The stunning scenic views from the summit will make you gasp in awe, and you’ll be rewarded with the tranquillity of nature.

There are many places to stop and take a break along the hiking trails. The choice is yours: You can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding summits at a mountain restaurant or feel the sun's rays on your face on the sundeck of a hut. A multitude of huts and restaurants are waiting for you.

Davos Klosters is the perfect place for excursions because of the many possibilities it has to offer for families. Whether you’d like to go on a short hike to the mountain lake, have a picnic at a barbecue site or visit the petting zoo: The variety of options makes everyone happy. Both little and grown-up hikers will return from their mountain excursion relaxed and with lots of great stories to tell.

During mountain spring, the lush green meadows in Davos Klosters show themselves from their most beautiful and splendid side. And when the days are getting longer and warmer, more and more animals can be seen in the mountains. Blooming flowers give off a delightful scent, and the warm sun on your skin will make your body release plenty of happy hormones. Towards the end of summer, an awe-inspiring spectacle of colours begins. Swiss pines, spruces and bushes make the mountains light up in shades of red and yellow. It’s not just nature lovers who are amazed by the diverse flora and fauna of our mountains.a

A family of four is taking a break on their hike on the Rinerhorn and has chosen a spot with a view of Davos for their rest.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
View from Hubel on the Rinerhorn to the village of Davos with autumn landscape.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
A female hiker dressed in red climbs up the stony ridge with her walking sticks, behind her the valley of Sertig is in view.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
A couple sits on a stone on the summit, during the rest the man studies the hiking map and the woman enjoys the sun.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
The hiking trail winds down the green slope, meets a fork at the yellow sign and finally leads into the Sertig valley. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Hiking highlights

On our mountains

Impressive mountain scenery with view to the Tinzenhorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

The scenic trail on Parsenn

Stunning views abound on the scenic trail! The Gotschna cable car or the Parsenn funicular take you up to the summit where you start your hike along the scenic trail. A rough but impressive terrain awaits you as you pass the Parsennhütte and walk towards the Gotschnagrat. Alternatively, you can walk the route in the opposite direction. Either way – the view is always breathtaking! Suddenly, Lake Davos appears in front of you, or you can look down on the town of Davos. On clear days with good visibility, you can even see the eternal ice of the Silvretta glacier on the horizon. In addition, various beautiful stops along the way invite you to take a break. Hiking in Davos Klosters can be oh so magical!

  • Starting point: Parsenn Höhenweg or Gotschnagrat
  • End point: Gotschnagrat or Parsenn Höhenweg
  • Duration: 2,5 h

Panoramic trail beween Klosters and Davos with great views. | © Davps Klosters Mountains

Schiahorn on Parsenn

Sporty hiking enthusiasts might want to continue their tour to the summit above Davos. You can take the Parsenn funicular to the intermediate station where you’ll find the start of the high route (1). From there you can walk along the impressive scenic trail to Strela Pass. The last section is quite steep and leads you up to the Schiahorn. At the top, a particularly magnificent view over the entire Landwassertal Valley awaits you!

  • Starting point: Parsenn Höhenweg

  • End point: Schiahorn and then return via Schatzalp or via Parsenn Höhenweg
  • Duration: 3 h

As a snack on the hike there are prepared sliced sausage, cheese and fruits on a wooden board. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

A picnic at the mountain lake

The cable car takes you up onto Jakobshorn, which is also incredibly popular in winter. An easily accessible trails leads you from the summit to Lake Stadlersee. At wonderful picnic sites, you can take a break and relax. What’s more, it’s a great option for families because the trail is also suitable for baby buggies and prams. If you like you can extend this tour and keep hiking all the way to the intermediate station Jschalp.

  • Starting point: Jakobshorn’s summit

  • End point: Jakobshorn’s summit (1) / Intermediate station Jschalp (2)
  • Duration: 1 h (1) / 2h (2)

View from Jatzhorn to Jakobshorn mountain station with mountain panorama in the background. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

A hike along the ridge Jatzhorn

The hike from Jakobshorn across the ridge towards Jatzhorn is truly impressive. Imagine the following scenario: You’re standing at the top, looking out over the surrounding mountain ranges and deep-blue Lake Stadlersee. And the tranquillity at almost 2,700 metres above sea level creates a unique atmosphere which is only highlighted by the magnificent views of the region. The route continues along a narrow trail, which makes it extremely popular with trail runners. The loop then takes them back to the top station. Hikers follow the path further into the picturesque Sertig valley.Für Wanderer geht es weiter ins malerische Sertigtal.

  • Starting point: Jakobshorn summit

  • End point: Sertig Dörfli
  • Duration: 3h

A family enjoys the view to the Sertig valley on their autumn hike on the Rinerhorn.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

­ From Rinerhorn to Sertigtal Valley

The hike starts on Rinerhorn, an insider’s tip among locals. At the mountain station near Jatzmeder restaurant, our little guests can look forward to two special highlights: the petting zoo and children's playground. Along the way, you will not only be accompanied by fantastic scenic views, but you’ll also come across an amazing location for a break! On Äbirügg, there is a nice barbecue site including firewood and cosy seating options, where you can enjoy a picnic and some tasty grilled delicacies. The trail then continues into the quiet Sertigtal Valley. Blooming meadows, cool forests, and burbling streams line the way down the mountain.

  • Starting point: Rinerhorn mountain station

  • End point: Sertig Dörfli

  • Duration: 2.5 h

View to the wonderful hiking area of the Rinerhorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

From Rinerhorn to Monstein

The beautiful hike to Monstein starts at the mountain station on Rinerhorn. The trail meanders through forests and along meadows. And the breathtaking views of the valley and the surrounding mountains are a highlight for all nature lovers. Another highlight also awaits you at the end of the trail: the picturesque village of Monstein. It not only boasts beautiful architecture and a unique location high above the valley, but also several culinary hotspots such as restaurants and the local brewery, which brews fresh Monsteiner beer.

  • Starting point: Rinerhorn mountain station

  • Endpoint: Monstein
  • Duration: 2,5 h

Hiking map

Thanks to the signposted trails in the mountains and in the valleys – and with the hiking map of Davos Klosters: You’ll easily find your way around, and you’ll always be on the right track. All routes are clearly marked, and the map allows you to get a spatial idea of their surroundings.

Two panoramic maps – one of the right side of the valley (north) and one of the left side of the valley (south) – are available as PDF downloads. The hiking map is also available in print at the reception desk of all Mountain Hotels and at the ticket offices of the mountain railways – free of charge, of course.

Download the hiking map

The hiking routes at a glance

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