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Davos Klosters
Skier with skis on her back walks up Brämabüel. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Freeriding in Davos Klosters

Powder, powder, and even more powder! Off-piste fun takes on an entirely new meaning in Davos Klosters Mountains. High-alpine terrain with guaranteed snow – that means plenty of freeride action! It is no surprise that Davos Klosters has been a popular hotspot for freeriders and ski tourers for years. The Swiss winter destination boasts a wide range of offers with many options on various mountains. What’s more, holidaymakers also have the option of taking part in training courses, guided tours, and attractive community events. In Davos Klosters, freeriders feel right at home, and there are amazing routes for every level of skill.

Less experienced guests, who want to discover their passion for powder snow step by step, can take part in various training courses in Davos Klosters Mountains. Whether it’s avalanche awareness training, open terrain training for independent practice, or guided tours with professional mountain guides: The choice is yours!

Information for every freerider

Endless freeriding

Safety and the necessary skills are important concerns when it comes to freeride skiing and snowboarding! That’s why appropriate training is an absolute must. We have summarized the most valuable tips for you:


The ATC is located on Jakobshorn behind the Chalet Güggel restaurant. On these training grounds, all freeriders can test and improve their avalanche search skills. You will practice the safe handling of an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel. The ATC is open from December to April on the operating days of the Jakobshorn cable car.

Did you know that the avalanche bulletin comes from Davos? The Avalanche Research Centre, SLF for short, issues the bulletin every day. It contains information on the avalanche situation in the entire Alpine region. Have a look at the current avalanche bulletin!
Good to know for those interested in the current snow and avalanche situation: You can also visit the website of the SLF. 

Our partner, the mountain guides from Bergführer Davos Klosters, offer a large number of different courses and day tours. The mountain guides are all professionally trained and will take you safely through the open terrain. For those who are in the region for the first time or have less off-piste experience, we recommend taking a course.

Every year at the end of January, the Backcountry Festival takes place in Davos. This four-day festival is all about shared experiences, developing your own knowledge, and an exchange with like-minded people and experts. In addition to guided tours and training courses, daily lectures are offered, and you can test the latest equipment. A highlight for the entire freeride community!

Freeriding is considered off-piste skiing. We do not assume any liability for activities performed off the slopes and off the signposted downhill runs. The routes and safety instructions mentioned here are for information purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

Good to know: Freeride skiing and snowboarding requires some important additional qualifications. Alongside adequate training, appropriate safety equipment, and observance of the rules for wildlife protection zones, you must be able to assess the avalanche and weather situation. Every freerider is responsible for their own training and assessment of the conditions on site. We recommend you take a look at the courses offered.


On our Mountains

Two skiers leave tracks in the deep snow. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

3-Bahnentour 3 top-regions

A unique and exceptional highlight, which connects three of the Canton of Grisons' top regions: The 3-Bahnentour gives freeride skiers and snowboarders access to a daily programme that could not be more spectacular.

The start of the tour is either in Davos, Klosters, Arosa, Tschiertschen or in Lenzerheide. What's really cool about it: No matter where you start, the route remains the same. If the snow and weather conditions allow it, a breathtaking day tour with pure powder fun awaits you.

  • Stage 1: Davos Klosters – Langwies

  • Stage 2: Langwies – Arosa – Tschiertschen

  • Stage 3: Tschiertschen – Parpan – Lenzerheide

Good to know: The mountain guides from the agency Bergführer of Davos Klosters are happy to accompany you on this tour every Monday – as part of a guided day tour. Experience the freeride highlights in a small group and let the local guide show you the real hotspots!

Funi Line all freeride mountains

The Funi Line combines the most beautiful yellow signposted routes into a one-day experience. On this line, you can explore various secured routes on the different mountains of Davos Klosters on a day tour. Alternatively, you can pick the most beautiful descents and spread the experience out over the course of several days.

In simple terms: The Funi Line – its name comes from the word “funicular”– promises a lot of downhill fun without any major ascents. It’s all about having fun in fresh powder snow. You won't have to do the same route twice, and you’ll discover the most beautiful routes of the region in an unforgettable way. What are you waiting for? Time for a powder snow adventure!

Freeride Learnline Jakobshorn

The new Freeride learnline on Jakobshorn is a unique offer for all those who have less experience with skiing in deep snow or who want to expand their knowledge. The signboards were developed by the University of Education in Lucerne and aim to promote more details about freeriding.

On the marked freeride route from the Jakobshorn summit to Teufi you will learn more about avalanches, correct preparation and assessment, how to behave in the terrain and much more. The yellow marked route no. 14 should anly be used in open and secured status. This way you can consciously concentrate on learning.

Good to know: You need a mobile phone and network access to read the QR-codes on the panels.

yellow routes

At the ski resorts of Davos Klosters Mountains, there are numerous yellow downhill routes which, when open, are great locations to enjoy a safe descent. A unique experience for guests without local knowledge and freeriders whose main focus is on having shared winter sports adventures!

On Jakobshorn: Two exciting routes lead you from the summit into the picturesque side valleys. On the Mühli or Teufi downhill run, you can reach the side valleys of Sertig or Dischma via beautiful powder snow descents. When ski routes are open, follow the markings of routes number 13 for Mühli and number 14 for the Teufi run! From the side valleys you can comfortably get back to Davos by bus. (Don’t forget to buy a bus ticket for the side valleys!)

On Pischa: From the mountain station, numerous off-piste runs lead you down into the valley. The local recreational area of Davos does not have any groomed slopes, which makes it perfect for all freeride beginners. The two routes – number 6 and number 7 – let you enjoy a safe descent into the valley full of powder snow fun.

On Rinerhorn: The insider’s tip among locals boasts beautiful powder runs down to the valley – even and especially on snowy days. Along the valley run, you will find several great runs no matter the visibility conditions. When there is fresh snow, the pristine runs along the signposted routes number 9b or number 4b are particularly worthwhile.

Freeride map

Are you looking for a suitable freeride route? Here you will find all possible secured descents at a glance.
Have fun discovering them!

Overview of the Freeride routes

Lodgings for freeriders

Fresh powder lines are more important than having the fanciest possible accommodation – that’s your motto, too? Then you are guaranteed to find the right offer for your stay at the Mountain Hotels. How about spending the night up in the mountains? This way, your freeride experience starts right after breakfast. You can shred down the slopes first thing in the morning – it hardly gets more perfect! For those who like it a bit more comfortable: Several Mountain Hotels offer a freeride package, including multi-star hotel and freeride guides.

Multi-bed rooms with bunk beds, clothes racks and lavabo | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Good to know

What you should know...

Ski slope map

Take a look at the interactive slope map in advance. The yellow routes are marked and can be skied when open (piste report). In addition, you should only go off-piste with sufficient experience and the appropriate equipment.

Avalanche bulletin

Before a tour or a day on the mountain, we recommend you take a look at the avalanche bulletin and the snow report. Good preparation is always a must!

Wildlife protection zones

When riding off-piste, you endanger wildlife. Informing yourself about the wildlife protection zones is therefore part of the basic preparation of every freerider. Please pay attention to the wildlife protection zones!

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